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Libertarian Principles with Tim Moen - 6CR #31

Libertarian Principles with Tim Moen - 6CR #31

September 21, 2018

Tim Moen, the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada joins Darnell & Joel to discuss libertarian principles and Maxime Bernier. The conversation covers the following:

  • Who is Tim Moen?
  • Libertarian ideas, inalienable rights and non-aggression principle
  • Skepticism as means to finding libertarian ideas
  • inclusive nature of libertarian community
  • Tim's history with Maxime
  • Does Maxime have a Trump's chance at becoming Prime Minister?
  • Differences when communicating with convervatives and liberals

Tim Moen discussing party merger (post interview): A Merge? Let’s Do This!

Reference Articles:

Ep. 1194 Why There’s No Point in Not Being Radical: Libertarian Strategy with Tim Moen, LP of Canada

Tim Moen: MY Letter to Young Libertarians

Tim Moen contact info:

FB: Tim Moen


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Black Panther Q&A - 6CR #22

Black Panther Q&A - 6CR #22

July 13, 2018

Our most succesful episode from season 1 was Wakanda Forever? and consequently we received a number of questions from listeners. Darnell & Joel address the following listener questions:

  1. Is it possible to be a pan-Africanist and a Christian at the same time?
  2. Why was Killmonger's attempt to liberate black people from white oppression so appealing to some black people? 
  3. Can you please elaborate on the principles of the African diaspora and it's impact on the Black Psyche?

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Voting Pt 3: Principles over Promises - 6CR #18

Voting Pt 3: Principles over Promises - 6CR #18

June 15, 2018

The results of the Ontario 2018 election are in - Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives win majority government, NDP are the formal opposition party and the Liberals lost party status. Darnell & Joel give there thoughts and answer some listener questions. 

FB post Joel referenced in the intro - NDP voter challenge

Question 1 - How would Doug Ford be able to cut costs without cutting jobs? What are the benefits of saving and cutting costs?

Question 2 - What are the counter arguments to the listener's rational for voting NDP?

Question 3 - What is the fundament role of government? Why is it problematic for the government to see themselves as the solution to the problem?

Reference Links:

Plan for the People

Change for the Better

Breaking down the Ontario NDP and PC platforms: What their pricey promises could mean for the province

Comparing Government and Private Sector Compensation in Ontario, 2017

Defined benefit pensions

Beware of politicians talking of government waste

NDP admit to annual $1.4-billion costing error

Tim Hudak 2013 PC party platform

Common Sense Revolution - Mike Harris

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Voting Pt 2: Principles over Platforms - 6CR #17
Voting Pt 1: Principles over Politics - 6CR #16

Voting Pt 1: Principles over Politics - 6CR #16

June 1, 2018

In Ontario, we have a provincial election on June 7, 2018. Darnell & Joel use the Canadian Federal system to discuss how they view voting and the principles they use to analyse political parties.

Reference Links:

Three Levels of Government in Canada


How Canada's Government Works

Left vs Right - Key Concepts in Politics and International Relations - pg 119-120

Conservative vs Liberal

Socialism vs Free Market

Authoritarian vs Laissez-faire / Libertarian

Canadian Political Parties

How crushing is Ontario’s $312 billion debt?

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