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Gentrifiers & N.I.M.B.Y.’s - 6CR #89

Gentrifiers & N.I.M.B.Y.’s - 6CR #89

September 18, 2020

In the last 6 months, due to Covid 19 and social distancing requirements the Greater Toronto Area opened 30 new homeless shelters. Some GTA residents are raising concerns about the changes to their neighbourhood and decreased safety. Darnell & Joel engage in a conversation about NIMBYism and Gentrification.

  • What is NIMBYism?
  • What is gentrification?
  • Zoning laws & rent control
  • Morality of gentrification


City in talks to move homeless people out of tents in 2 parks as nearby residents say they feel unsafe

Residents near Toronto shelters upset with lack of city consultation

GTA Shelter System By Ward

Mike Bibby's Oasis of Kicks | Houseguest With Nate Robinson | The Players' Tribune

Paper mentioned: Why Are There NIMBYs?

Why Do Homeowners Love NIMBY?

Black Love White Lies

Houston's Lack of Zoning Laws Will Help It Rebuild

How Zoning Rules Would Work in a Free Society

Definition: Rent Seeking

Political Privilege and Class War in the Urban Housing Market

Zoning Laws Destroy Communities

Yes, in My Backyard: The Key to Affordable Housing Is More Housing

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Do Canadians Hate Charter Schools? - 6CR #88
The Name Game - 6CR #87
Broke Billionaires - 6CR #86

Broke Billionaires - 6CR #86

August 21, 2020

Darnell & Joel discuss 8 Billionaires who lost their billions and the following causes of their demise:

  • Economic collapse
  • Fraud - ponzi scheme
  • Unfavourable long term contracts
  • War

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Broke Billionaires: 8 Who Had It All & Lost Almost Everything

Mansa Musa I

The Difference Between MLM and Pyramid Schemes

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

Is it True that 40% of Americans Can’t Handle a $400 Emergency Expense?

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Canada’s Racist Policies - 6CR #85

Canada’s Racist Policies - 6CR #85

August 14, 2020

Darnell & Joel have a conversation about systemic racism in Canada and cover the following:

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Premier Ford says Canada doesn’t have same ‘systemic, deep roots’ of racism as U.S.

'I know it exists:' Premier Ford says he knows there is systemic racism in Ontario

Charlottetown Accord

The Law by Frédéric Bastiat

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TYPBST: Outliers - 6CR #84

TYPBST: Outliers - 6CR #84

August 7, 2020

On this episode of TYPBST, Darnell & Joel discuss Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell. This book was requested by a listener and was recommended by Andre 3000. Their conversation highlights the following:

  • IQ & The Trouble with Geniuses
  • Hard work
  • Hamburg principle
  • Rice Paddies and Math Tests
  • Age & registration dates impacting children's success

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The Institutes: 9Marks of Grace To You - 6CR #83
COVID CLASH: Individual Rights  vs  Common Good - 6CR #82

COVID CLASH: Individual Rights vs Common Good - 6CR #82

July 24, 2020

What can we philosophically learn from COVID 19?

Amos Dowber & I.J. Makan invited Darnell & Joel on to the Kazingram Dialogue podcast to discuss individual rights vs the common good 

  • Lock-down
  • The purpose of government
  • Libertarian perspective
  • What are laws?
  • What are rights?
  • The common good
  • Voluntarism

Original Podcast release: Kazingram Dialogue #35

Video Podcast:


TRUTH: Seasonal FLU TWICE as Deadly as Coronavirus?

Sunetra Gupta: Covid-19 is on the way out

The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea

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