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Black Judges Matter - 6CR #104

January 15, 2021

Black Justice Donald McLeod's integrity is in question from Toronto's chapter of BLM, activist Desmond Cole & the Judicial system. In Dec 2020, Donald McLeod had a disciplinary hearing to evaluate a claim that he committed perjury during a statement of facts from his 2018 disciplinary hearing. Darnell & Joel consider the following questions as they evaluate this story:

  • Is the Federation of Black Canadians a lobbying group?
  • Is there an ulterior motive from the black opposition to Donald McLeod?
  • Is it possible for Justice McLeod to be both a judge and an advocate for the black community?

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Justice Donald McLeod Judicial Investigations Articles

Feb 2018: Activists question Federation of Black Canadians' leadership, ties to Liberals

Nov 2018: Black community shows support for embattled judge ahead of disciplinary hearing

Dec 2018: Black community advocacy consistent with administration of justice, argues judge’s counsel

Sep 2019: Controversial judge suspended nine months after being cleared

March 2020: Brampton judge faces a second disciplinary hearing over what he told his first disciplinary hearing

Dec 2020: Hearing for judge accused of perjury over Black federation role begins

Dec 2020: Justice Donald McLeod facing ‘capital crime for a judge’ in disciplinary hearing: lawyer

Dec 2020: Hearing for judge accused of lying about involvement in Canadian Black Federation

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