The Six Cents Report

Canada’s Universal Healthcare - 6CR #26

August 10, 2018

Universal healthcare is apparently a human right. Darnell & Joel discuss the following aspects of "free" healthcare in Canada

  • Structure and History of the Canadian Healthcare System 
  • How do we pay for "free" healthcare
  • Successes and failures of Canada's Healthcare
  • Prices communicate value
  • Providing Healthcare for the impoverished

Reference Articles:

What is Functional Medicine?

Tom Woods show #1194 with Tim Moen (leader of Libertarian Party of Canada)

Ontario Government 2018/2019: Composition of Revenue vs Composition of Expenses

Ludwig Von Mises - Economic Calculation Problem

Price Theory Explains the Opiate Crisis

The Good Doctor

A Four-Step Healthcare Solution

What Ontario’s changes to OHIP+ tell us about the future of national pharmacare

5 Pharmacare Questions and Answers

Generic drug industry agrees to cut prices up to 40% in 5-year deal with provinces

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