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Stats That Don’t Count: Decoding “Canada’s Colour Coded Income Inequality” with Economist Stefan Dindayal - 6CR #65

December 13, 2019

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives published a report titled "Canada’s Colour Coded Income Inequality" on Dec 9th, 2019. Darnell and Joel are joined by economist Stefan Dindayal to discuss what we can and cannot learn from this study. Their conversation addresses the following:

  • Stefan's background
  • Data presented in the report
  • Controlling for cause and effect relationships
  • Biases influence on statistical research
  • How to design good statistical studies
  • Interesting data points in the study
  • Solutions proposed and alternatives


CCPA's Published Study: Canada’s Colour Coded Income Inequality

CCPA's twitter: @CCPA

CCPA'S blog on the study: By the numbers: Race, gender and the Canadian labour market

"racialized" definition

Stefan Dindayal contact info:

Twitter: @stefanDecondon

IG: @stefandecondon

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