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Decoding the Dress Code with Jenna Nicoloff & Ayesha Madden - 6CR #58

October 25, 2019

The Toronto District School Board updated the student's dress code as of Sept 2019. The recent changes allow students to now wear hats, hoods, crop-tops and spaghetti straps. Darnell & Joel discuss the role of dress codes with Ayesha Madden & Jenna Nicoloff. The conversation covers the following topics:

  • Impact of dress codes on students
  • First impressions & dressing to impress
  • Modesty 
  • Teaching young people how to dress
  • Consequences of how you dress
  • Being overdressed vs underdressed
  • Professional dress codes


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Is ‘modesty’ no longer the best policy? On dress codes, Canadian schools begin to change their approach

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