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Evolution of Racism - 6CR #30

September 14, 2018

On Aug 16, 2018 at rally in Quebec, Justin Trudeau dismissed a heckler as racist. Classifying someone as a racist has become a way to dismiss their opinion from public discourse. 
Darnell & Joel discuss the following:

  • Merits of Justin Trudeau calling the heckler a "racist"
  • Comparing race rhetoric of Trudeau and Trump
  • Defining racism
  • Eliminating racism

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Reference Articles:

audio clip played: Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling a heckler racist.

What happened when Justin Trudeau was heckled in Quebec


Ad hominem

Canada and Saudi Arabia arresting protesters

Canada criticizes Saudi Arabia over another jailed female activist

Canadian immigration minister admits asylum system in crisis

Justin Trudeau is Far More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

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