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NO Farmers, NO Food!? - 6CR #117

July 23, 2021
Farmers in India have been protesting changes to farming regulations and shift to a laissez-faire approach to agriculture. Darnell & Joel discuss the following aspects of this situation:
  • No Farmers, No Food branding
  • Solidarity from the Sikh diaspora in Canada
  • Canadian colonialism¬†
  • Agricultural board
  • Political reforms in India farming¬†

Produced by Madden Mitchell Media

Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic


Why Are Canadians Rallying Behind Farmers Protesting In India?

Farm laws: Are India's new reforms a 'death warrant' for farmers?

Prime Minister of India tweet regarding agriculture reforms

Hundreds rally outside Indian consulate in solidarity with protesting farmers

Protesting Indian farmers return to camp after storming historic fort

Norfolk County farmers plan tractor protest over bunkhouse COVID-19 rules

Andrew Coyne: Tories cry foul as Maxime Bernier spills the beans, er, milk on leadership race

India's Farming Reform: A Lesson in Interest Group Politics

Corporatism: Influential Farmers in India Oppose Profreedom Agricultural Reforms

India Takes Small Steps toward Economic Freedom with New Agrarian Reforms

How to Help Indian Farmers

Let us Abandon Protectionism and Embrace Free Trade

Maharashtra govt announces Rs 34,000-crore farm loan waiver, to benefit 89 lakh farmers

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