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Trade vs Raid with Holly Fretwell - 6CR #113

March 26, 2021

Holly Fretwell, Vice President of Outreach and Research Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center joins Darnell & Joel for conversation on the everyday applications of economics.

  • Economic incentives - marketplace vs government actors
  • Origin & history of property rights
  • Negative vs positive rights
  • Charity without government
  • Tragedy of the commons - lack of property rights
  • Environpreneurs vs political environmentalistm

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Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic


Free Market Environmentalism

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Improving the Environment Through a Market-Based Approach

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5 Unintended Consequences of Regulation and Government Meddling

Foundation for Teaching Economics

More Perverse Consequences of Regulation: Automobile Edition

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