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Sex, Gender, Race and Denominations: A Conversation with Paul Carter - 6CR #96

November 6, 2020

Recently a baptist pastor came out as a trans woman during an online sermon. Darnell & Joel invited Paul Carter of Cornerstone Baptist Church Orillia to discuss this recent event as well as the following:

  • Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) values & polity
  • Purpose & value of church denominations
  • 2020 CBOQ assembly failed renewal attempt
  • Importance of ecclesiology
  • Critical Race Theory & BLM in the church
  • Being salt & light 
  • Pastoring in a pandemic

Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic

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What in the World Is Going on with the CBOQ?

Transgender Pastor Fired After Coming Out To Her Mississauga Church

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Defining Choices: The CBOQ Finally Decides

2012 sermon referenced: Ground Zero for Sexuality and Gender

Pastoring In A Pandemic: Part 1 & Part 2

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