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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Sir John A. Macdonald with Brad Faught - 6CR #36

October 26, 2018

The first prime minister of Canada - Sir John A. MacDonald - has received significant criticism as of late. Darnell & Joel are joined by history professor Brad Faught and discuss the following:

  • History of church and state in Canada
  • Who is Sir John A. MacDonald?
  • Relationship between Sir John A. MacDonald and Indigenous Peoples
  • Contrasting assimilation of Indigenous People in Canada and the USA
  • Late 19th century progress in Canada “necessitates” assimilating Indigenous Peoples
  • Current issues facing Indigenous Peoples
  • Proper contextual reading of history

Reference Articles:

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City of Kingston seeks public input on Sir John A. Macdonald's legacy

John A, The Man Who Made Us The Life and Times of John A. Macdonald Vol. One: 1815-1867

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