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Unmasking America’s Political Idolatry with Global Scholar: David Koyzis - 6CR #103

January 8, 2021

Author of Political Visions & Illusions, David Koyzis, joins Darnell & Joel for an extended conversation. The topics addressed included:

  • Idolatry vs Ideologies
  • Libertarianism suppresses liberty
  • What is conservatism?
  • Socialism suppresses society
  • Non-ideological solutions
  • Sphere Sovereignty vs Principle of Subsidiarity
  • Anarchism¬†
  • Romans 13

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Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic


The Intellectual in Canada Who Unmasked Political Idolatry in America

Political Visions & Illusions - 1st edition

Political Visions & Illusions - 2nd edition

How Libertarianism Suppresses Liberty

How Socialism Suppresses Society | David Koyzis | PhD

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Global Scholars Canada - David Koyzis bio

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