The Six Cents Report

Wild “Canada Goose” Chase - 6CR #66

December 20, 2019

The Canada Goose brand has transformed from a functional product to a luxury brand. Darnell & Joel have a conversation about Canada Goose's rise in prestige and addresses the following:

  • Canada Goose's history
  • Animal rights criticisms
  • Competitors of Canada Goose
  • Economic recessions impact on luxury products
  • Biblical perspective of animal rights


Canada Goose - Branta Collection

Why Canada Goose Jackets Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Canada Goose Loses to Vegan Coat

Canada Goose - Kirkfield Bomber

Canada Goose - Forester Jacket

Genesis 3

Canada Goose - Honouring the North

Patagonia - Corporate Responsibility

Wuxly - Our Movement

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