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Real Solutions to Gun Violence with Dr. Joseph Smith - 6CR #27

August 17, 2018

Dr Joseph Smith from Generation Chosen joins Darnell & Joel to discuss what his organization is doing to address the needs of those most vulnerable in our society and consequently prevent gun violence. The conversation covers the following:

  • Why youth turn to the black market and guns
  • How Generation Chosen is involved in the community
  • Emotional intelligence and root causes of "bad behaviour" in school
  • Mental health 
  • Government solutions vs non-profit solutions to gun violence

Previous episode on guns 6CR #21

Reference Articles:

City of Toronto studies why youth turn to guns

Toronto gunman had ‘severe mental health challenges,’ according to family

Remaking the Future | Education in African Countries is Crucial to Our Survival

Ken Robinson

Ford wants some mental health funding to go to police in wake of Danforth shooting

Toronto gunman had ‘severe mental health challenges,’ according to family

Toronto’s history of gun violence: a vicious cycle of missteps, intransigence and bad policy

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