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Church & State 2: Religious Neutrality with Kristopher Kinsinger - 6CR #121

August 20, 2021
Kristopher Kinsinger is a Christian lawyer who joins Darnell & Joel for conversation regarding:
  • Religious nature of all laws
  • Quebec’s bill 21 & religious neutrality
  • Religious freedom vs Christian liberty
  • Progressives vs conservatives
  • Authority of the state vs religion
  • Spectrum of religious neutrality - inclusive to closed
  • No precedence is better than a bad precedence

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Song from our intro: Sho Baraka - Pedantic

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Quebec’s Bill 21 Misapplies Religious Neutrality Principle

Kristopher Kinsinger: Can the notwithstanding clause be used to violate pre-existing rights?

Kristopher Kinsinger: How Ontario's COVID-19 rules restrict religious freedom

Kristopher Kinsinger: The arrest of Alberta pastor James Coates is a constitutional abnormality

Derek Ross - CLF

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